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Foto Line Owren


To be in the now

-with passion and love. 



and capturing it.

I love my job. To meet people, and see the energy and the light. For me photography is magic. And I get to do this every day.

Kristiane Komfirmasjon 2021 © Fotograf Siv Sivertsen-337.jpg
FLOWER 1 x 1.jpg

I try to capture the stillness, the inside and go beyond the surface, trying to get the little breath of something that one normally wouldn’t see…  the little movement or the light that falls. I started using a lot of lamps and equipment, but now I tend to use natural light.

Shutter. Aperture. Light

- and some imagination.

Contact for more information

Siv Sivertsen

mobil: 952 50 665



Siv Sivertsen is a photographer with extensive experience. She was educated at The Edinburgh College of Art and has run her own company for several years. Siv has published 4 books and won several awards. In addition, She is also behind the new global digital magazine about awareness and sustainability. To inspire! To create action and a sooo. movement. Check out 

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