Siv Sivertsen



 As a photographer, I work with both analog and digital. I have  work in advertising, press and portrait and art and decoration. This as well as publishing books has been my passion. I am trained in the classic photography with darkroom and fiber prints and I am glad that I master the techniques. Working in the dark only handling the light, making negatives into positive is magic and is sacred to me. That is like poetry and life. Sometimes I prefer to explore photography in various media, sometimes framed on such as fabric, steel and acrylic glass or regular tempered glass. I like to see the photos in another form and creating more dimensions. I try to capture the stillness, the inside and go beyond the surface, trying to get the little breath of something that one normally wouldn’t see… the little movement or the light that falls. I started using a lot of lamps and equipment, but now I tend to use mostly natural light.    

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I have worked with many amazing artists and made quite a few album covers. I am currently working on a book project. More information to come. Stay tuned!


A girl gotta work! I love businesspeople too! Contact me if you need a new profile picture or need marketing picture of whatever you do.